Chicago Remains to Be Seen

When I wrote "Hollywood Remains to Be Seen," my intention was that it would be the first in a series of books on regional cemeteries. Certainly, no other city has the collection of film and TV stars and other celebrities that can be found in Los Angeles.

But other cities have their own unique characters and personalities, the people who built those cities and made them famous -- or just people who became famous or notable on their own as business leaders, political figures, public servants, athletes, authors, architects or criminals.

Every person has a story, and every cemetery is filled with thousands upon thousands of stories, many of them fascinating or thrilling, but many of them which have also been buried, stories that need to be dug up, analyzed and documented.

For me, Chicago is the next logical step. I was born in Joliet, about 40 miles outside of Chicago, and lived near the city for the first 40 years of my life. I am familiar with Chicago and its history, and the people who created it. Although Chicago doesn’t have the glamour and glitz of Hollywood, its cemeteries are filled with fascinating people, incredible architecture and amazing stories of paranormal activity.

Also, the cemeteries of Chicago aren't as well-known or publicly documented as the cemeteries of Los Angeles. So, as I continue my research and collect the stories, I'll be posting samples here.

Al Capone

Resurrection Mary

Anton Cermak

Inez Clarke

"The Italian Bride"

George Pullman

The Face of Death

Dean O'Banion

The Di Salvo family

Allan Pinkerton

The Genna brothers

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