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Joan Hackett
1934 - 1983

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

One of the more amusing epitaphs you'll ever see belongs to actress Joan Hackett -- "Go Away - I'm Asleep."

Hackett was a former fashion model who studied acting under Lee Strasberg, and appeared on the television series "Young Dr. Malone" and "The Defenders" before she starred on Broadway in "Call Me By My Rightful Name" in 1961. Hackett was an accomplished dramatic and comedic actress, and appeared in more than 30 films during her short career, including "The Group" (1966), "Will Penny" (1968), "Support Your Local Sheriff!" (1969), "The Last of Sheila" (1973), "The Terminal Man" (1974), "One Trick Pony" (1980) and "The Escape Artist" (1982). She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in "Only When I Laugh" (1981).

Hackett also appeared regularly in various television series, including "Bonanza," "Dr. Kildare," "Gunsmoke," "Combat!," "Dan August," "The Twilight Zone," "The Love Boat," "Trapper John, M.D." and "Taxi." And the explanation of her epitaph is fairly simple -- Hackett commonly hung a sign with the same warning on her dressing room door.

Joan Hackett was born May 1, 1934, in New York City, NY. She died Oct. 8, 1983, in Encino, CA.

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