Hollywood Remains to Be Seen
A Guide to the Movie Stars' Final Homes

Here are a few of the more than 300 celebrity biographies and gravesite photos from "Hollywood Remains to Be Seen":

Forest Lawn - Glendale

Clara Bow

Joe E. Brown

George Burns and Gracie Allen

Walt Disney

Errol Flynn

Dwight Frye

Jean Harlow

Edward Everett Horton

Ted Knight

Alan Ladd

Carole Landis

Tom Mix

Clayton Moore

Jack Oakie

Red Skelton

James Stewart

Spencer Tracy

Robert Young

Forest Lawn - Hollywood Hills

Lucille Ball

Bette Davis

Buster Keaton

Ernie Kovacs

Walter Lantz

Stan Laurel


Freddie Prinze

George Raft

Hollywood Forever

Renee Adoree

Mel Blanc

Iron Eyes Cody

Marion Davies

Cecil B. DeMille

Douglas Fairbanks Sr.

Victor Fleming

Joan Hackett

Barbara La Marr

Florence Lawrence

Elmo Lincoln

Tyrone Power

Virginia Rappe

Hattie McDaniel

Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer

Rudolph Valentino

Clifton Webb

Westwood Memorial Park

Lew Ayres

Dominique Dunne

Burt Lancaster

Jack Lemmon

Dean Martin

Walter Matthau

Marilyn Monroe

Heather O'Rourke

Natalie Wood

Holy Cross Cemetery

Mary Astor

Ray Bolger

John Candy

Jackie Coogan

Bing Crosby

Jimmy Durante

Rita Hayworth

Jack Haley

Bela Lugosi

Fred MacMurray

Evelyn Nesbit

Rosalind Russell

Mack Sennett

Sharon Tate

Hillside Memorial Park

Jack Benny

Lorne Greene

Al Jolson

Mount Sinai Memorial Park

Phil Silvers

Brandon Tartikoff

Oakwood Memorial Park

Fred Astaire

Ginger Rogers

Calvary Cemetery

Ted Healy

Pola Negri

Mabel Normand

Ramon Novarro

Home of Peace Memorial Park

Jerome "Curly" Howard

Louis B. Mayer

Eden Memorial Park

Groucho Marx

San Fernando Mission Cemetery

Walter Brennan

Valhalla Memorial Park

Oliver Hardy

Inglewood Park Cemetery

Paul Bern

Alfredo Codona and Lillian Leitzel

Betty Grable

Gypsy Rose Lee

Cesar Romero

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